In collaboration with Pollyn garden center, the Williamsburg School of Music is hosting a live band karaoke fundraiser on Saturday, October 2nd at 3pm at 115 Broadway to benefit those in the community who suffered losses during Hurricane Ida.

With a $20 donation, you can sign up to sing the song of your choice and check-in with the band when you arrive. Not much of a singer? That’s okay! You can still come, enjoy the music, and show your support. But let’s be honest – how often do you get to sing karaoke with a live band?! Sounds like a blast. 

Photo courtesy of Williamsburg School of Music Instagram

After the karaoke is said and done, Pollyn is hosting its weekly “We Shall Grow” party with the help of its favorite DJs to keep the vibe alive from 6pm-12am. Don’t miss this double feature!

Williamsburg School of Music

As a family-owned business and the first music school in the area, The Williamsburg School of Music has made a significant impact on the community. With private and group lessons available in a multitude of instruments, the school has helped so many children realize their musical abilities. Listed by Time Out as one of the best places to take guitar classes in NYC, The Williamsburg School of Music’s reputation continues to grow. 

“We all have a great deal of experience in teaching music and believe that learning to play an instrument should be fun and inspirational instead of stuffy and stifling.  This is reflected in our teaching methods – we’re going to have a great time learning, creating, building and progressing together.  We know that we can provide top level music education without sacrificing the fun of it all.”

Williamsburg School of Music website


In the true spirit of community, The Williamsburg School of Music partnered with Pollyn to make this fundraiser happen. There’s something quite lovely about having “We Shall Grow” in conjunction with a fundraiser. Though it was not named in reflection of this particular event, it feels appropriate to note that we are quite literally helping each other survive and thrive. We shall grow, together. 


“As the first plant store in the US to sell all plants in biodegradable nursery pots, Pollyn aims to bring more environmental awareness to the plant industry with the goal of eliminating single use plastics from the retail experience. Pollyn carries houseplants, including rare tropicals, as well as outdoor annuals and perennials. Ceramics have been exclusively sourced from small batched artisans from all over the world.” 

Pollyn website

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