Following a March petition for the impeachment of Governor Andrew Cuomo, several New York State politicians are continuing to push for the prompt end to his term.

In light of the release of the Attorney General’s report on Governor Cuomo’s
pattern of sexual harassment, State Senator Julia Salazar, State Senator Jabari Brisport, Assembly Member Emily Gallagher, Assembly Member Phara Souffrant Forrest, and Assembly Member Zohran Mamdani issued the following statement:

“As state representatives, we urge Speaker Heastie to swiftly reconvene the Assembly to begin formal impeachment proceedings. In March of this year, we called for Governor’s Cuomo’s impeachment because the accusations
against him warranted decisive action. Several women had come forward to share their experiences of sexual harassment.

Furthermore, the Attorney General had recently confirmed that the Governor covered up thousands of deaths due to COVID-19 in New York nursing homes. The release of the Attorney General’s report today affirms the testimony of numerous women — all of the survivors who spoke out last spring as well as others who have reported harassment
through this investigation.

This damning report reveals what those who work with the Governor know: his behavior is predatory, abusive and tyrannical. Additionally, the Attorney General’s report found that the accounts of Governor Cuomo’s blatant misuse of power were not isolated incidents, but were ‘part of a pattern’ of abuse. The details of the report are appalling.


It is clear that Governor Cuomo is unfit to lead New York State.Given the Governor’s egregious violations of his oath of office, it is the responsibility of the Legislature to begin the impeachment process without delay.”

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