New York is full of bad landlords, superintendents and roomates, but one Greenpoint man may be the worst to live with.

In a plot straight off a Showtime series, 57-year-old Thomas Tamborski has been accused of secretly recording tenants inside a Franklin St. apartment building where he lived and served as the superintendent. Tamborski also works as a professional photographer.

“He didn’t seem that weird,” said a tenant who didn’t want to be named told the New York Daily News. “You never know, I guess.”

Suspicious she was being watched, a 24-year-old tenant in the building set up her own camera in January, according to prosecutors. Footage revealed a suspicious light, that led to the NYPD uncovering a suspicious camera in the tenant’s room. A full search then revealed a speaker, alarm clock, air freshener bottle and two cell phones that either held or were capable of holding recording devices, according to the DA’s office.

Law enforcement found three years’ of footage capturing this woman, as well as a previous tenant, showering, changing, and doing other personal activities.


On Wednesday, July 21, Tamborski was charged with 36 counts of unlawful surveillance, yet pleaded not guilty in Brooklyn Supreme Court . He was released without bail.

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  1. I thought it was my former landlord as he always walked in my room without a permission and he specifically chose female tenants for his floor and upper floors “so that he can watch young women for free”. A former tenant heard him saying that in the backyard on the phone. And it’s on Franklin and Greenpoint.

  2. I think this is Tommy, the notorious “adult” photographer/bedbug super of the Astral Apartments, heavily reported on by local blogs(including this one) and media 10+ years ago.

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