The much anticipated June 22 primary election isn’t over yet! While polls closed at 9 p.m. and results slowly started rolling in, we may not have full results until next week (or later!), thanks to ranked-choice voting (RCV), which tallies votes in rounds, versus all at once.

So far, Lincoln Restler is leading the contested race for the District 33 City Council seat. As of 9 a.m. on Wednesday, June 23, Restler received 48% of the counted first round vote, with Elizabeth Adams trailing behind at 22%.

In ranked choice voting, a candidate must receive 50% or more of the vote in order to be declared the winner. If no candidate does reach 50% in the first round, second round votes are counted, and so forth, until the fifth round, if necessary.

The vote is also quite split for Brooklyn Borough President, with Antonio Reynoso in the lead with 28.2% of the first round vote, followed by Robert Cornegy at 19.2% and Jo Anne Simon with 17.6%.

Eric Adams is currently leading with the first round mayoral vote count, with 31.7% of the votes. He hosted his election night party in Williamsburg.


Follow updated election results on New York 1.

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  1. Why do we have to wait till the middle of July or later to get a result? We are getting more like a banana republic where the outcome is in doubt for a long time or in Israel where they cobble together something and then it implodes.

    With rare exception (2000 Gore vs Bush) since I have been voting 1964, you usually got the result the next day.

    Mail in ballots should only be given a one week, two weeks tops absolute deadline. In theory with all the high tech, we should be able to recalculate the ranking in a nano second with computers.

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