Seven Grain Army, a new bakery venture by former Scratchbread chef and owner Matthew Tilden, is hosting a bake sale on Tuesday, April 20 as a final fundraiser before the shop officially opens for business at 88 Roebling Ave. (the former home of Denizen).

The fundraiser will serve as the first real preview of the shop’s menu, featuring a brunch sampler, the cafe’s signature muFins (their alternative to a typical processed muffin), probiotic mylks, jam, a limited edition tote bag, and much more. An online store is now live, enabling shoppers to preorder treats and arrange to pick them up during Seven Grain Army’s 12 – 6 PM bake sale window on the 20th.

The bake sale will also serve as a push to raise funds for needed kitchen equipment and allow the staff to finalize any remaining menu and logistical details.

Seven Grain Army has been a work in progress for a while now, with Tilden and co-founder Jeffrey Olsen signing the lease for the Williamsburg space last October and putting out a call for investors long before that. In the months since, the bakery has offered followers a candid glimpse into how the business is progressing with menu teases, periodic updates, and even in-person free sampling opportunities.

Though Seven Grain Army will first function only via walk-up window, the plan is to eventually remodel the interior and open it up to customers inside. In general, Tilden and Olsen plan to use this bake sale and its future opening to gauge what customers really want.


“We are going to add some rad grab and go stuff once we open, like a toast and cracker plate … overnight grains with coconut yogurt and all our fixings like pecan butter, jasmine rice, jams, and chopped date bars, and perhaps a deli sando on [gluten free] bread and breakfast tacos,” Tilden explained.

The bakery boasts a menu that’s fully gluten free, mostly plant based, and often vegan.

“We want to be a resource to the people around here and eventually for the people from not even around here,” Olsen said.

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