Covid-19 vaccines have arrived across New York City, and eligibility has expanded to everyone over 16 years old. Finding available appointments, especially ones in the neighborhood, can be frustrating and tiresome. But with some patience, a dose of luck, and this handy guide, vaccinations can be had.

If you receive the Moderna or Pfizer vaccine, don’t forget to schedule an appointment for a second dose. The Johnson and Johnson vaccine only requires one shot. 

Some urgent care centers in the area that are offering Covid-19 testing, namely the CityMD locations on Manhattan Avenue and North 7th Street and the Northwell Health location on Kent Avenue, currently do not have vaccines due to supply limitations. Check back in the upcoming weeks as supply increases. 

Here’s a round up of the closest spots for Greenpointers to get their shot.

Altru Chemists


Altru Chemists pharmacy at 987 Manhattan Avenue is administering the Moderna vaccine. You can book appointments online through the website here.

Euro Chemist

Euro Chemist pharmacy at 669 Manhattan Avenue is administering the Johnson and Johnson vaccine. This small pharmacy didn’t not receive a large supply so they have not publicized it, hoping to save the vaccine for locals in the neighborhood. To schedule an appointment call Euro Chemist directly at 718-349-6696. 

NYU Langone

The NYU Langone Greenpoint location at 934 Manhattan Avenue has a limited supply of vaccines available to patients. NYU is administering all three of the available vaccines, and patients will not be able to choose which one they receive. To schedule an appointment in Greenpoint, patients need to use the MyChart app and select the Greenpoint location. They are currently only scheduling vaccines on Thursdays and Saturdays.

Rite Aid

The Rite Aid pharmacy at 783 Manhattan Avenue is administering the Moderna vaccine. You can make an appointment online here.

Duane Reade

The Duane Reade at 750 Manhattan Avenue is administering the Moderna vaccine. There are two Duane Reade pharmacies in Williamsburg that are also giving out vaccinations. The Duane Reade at 250 Bedford Avenue is giving out the Moderna vaccine, and the Duane Reade at 164 Kent Avenue is giving out the Pfizer vaccine. There is also a nearby Duane Reade pharmacy in Long Island City at 47-02 5th Street giving out the Moderna vaccine. You can make an appointment at any of these locations online at the Walgreens website (as Duane Reade is owned by Walgreens) here.

NYC Vaccine Hub

There is a recently-relocated city-run vaccine hub that is now very close to Greenpoint in Long Island City at 5-17 46th Road. This location is administering the Moderna vaccine. Make an appointment on this city-run website here.


There is a CVS pharmacy located in Long Island City at 1-50 50th Avenue administering the Pfizer vaccine. Make an appointment on the CVS website here.

If you cannot find availability at any of these local sites, search online for other city-run vaccination centers at or call 877-vax-4nyc. You can also look at state-run sites at or contact NBK Vax for assistance booking an appointment.

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  1. I am a 72 yr old senior. Here is my experience and those of other seniors from our point of view.

    1-Walgreens aka Duane Reade initially was good. They took seniors with a phone call then the phone and on line system was totally frustrating and useless whether or not they had a supply. On the phone they would ask you 10 minutes of questions and then told you they did not have a supply.

    2-Rite Aid would send you to the state web site which was cumbersome, frustrating and useless.

    3-Altru chemists currently has a supply of Moderna (where I receive my shot), They were impressive, quick and professional.

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