Springtime in Greenpoint

By Sara Penchina

Rain trickles down in small droplets on my skin,
Puppies skip through puddles, and children play.
The rainfall washes us clean,
Readies us to begin a brand new day.

We can’t predict the future,
Or how it will turn out,
But I know our community will continue to shine.
I really have no doubt!

So stay focused, stay hopeful,
Stay helpful, stay kind.
Have you checked in with a loved one,
To see what’s on his/her mind?


Lucky are we, to live somewhere so unique.
Remember that the next time that the outlook seems bleak!
One day soon, we will rise again.
But the world is asking that we slow things down, till then.

Try not to worry, Or fret over tasks.
Take some deep breaths, Even if they’re through face masks.
This, too, shall pass in time.
Don’t forget to observe a neighborhood so sublime!
Our world has changed in many ways,
But Greenpoint is where my heart always stays. 

About the Author, Sara Penchina:

Sara is a lifelong writer and creator based in Greenpoint. Her work is uniquely positioned at the forefront of where mental health, creativity, and positivity intersect. She aims to share her poetry with the world as a means of aiding communities struggling to cope with mental illness, and inspiring readers of all ages to view the world from a different perspective. She is perpetually grateful for the opportunity to create works that motivate, galvanize, and bring joy to others. You can find her daily positive musings via her Instagram page @somethinglikefairydust as well as her personal page @sarapenchina

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