Summer 2021 is shaping up to be a memorable summer in the city. Even with social distancing restrictions still in place, New Yorkers are now seasoned in working within safety guidelines to bring the fun back to our neighborhood. One such example: A new kickball league is meeting in McCarren Park, LI-Kick.

Long Island-based adult sports league, LI-Kick is bringing back Thursday night kickball games to North Brooklyn. Players can register as a free agent, small group or full team (12-16 people). Games will start at 8 p.m. and 9:30 p.m, for seven weeks starting on April 15.

“I’ve been playing kickball with friends since my early twenties, and have always found it a fun and social way to play a timeless game while engaging in and building a community of kind, interesting, and fun people,” said 31-year-old Brooklynite Andrew Pedicino. “Honestly the best friends I have in life I met through kickball.” Since Brooklyn Kickball ceased organizing in McCarren, Pedicino teamed up with LI-Kick league director Mike Hopper to bring the league to McCarren Park.

“We are a social sports league with an emphasis on the social!” Hopper said. “Players can go and compete in a sport they haven’t thought of since 8th grade and compete in bar champs after like they are back in college. All while making a great amount of new friends.”

Pedicino notes that he and kickball friends have gone on league ski-trips, rafting trips, hiking, formal league dinners at Patrizia’s and “Kickball Proms”, lakehouse holiday weeks, and more.


This season, Kilo Bravo will sponsor the league, as they sponsored Brooklyn Kickball in the past. “I really missed meeting my friends in the park every week for some friendly competition, while having a chance to feel like a kid again and ignore some of the more stressful parts of life, even if for a little while,” Pedicino said. “Oftentimes we head to Kilo Bravo after the games and enjoy some time playing bar games and kicking it with some jello shots and team bonding. I think players can expect to have a great time getting active and a little competitive in their local park, without getting too serious or intense about the results of games, lots of laughs, meet some of their Brooklyn neighbors, and potentially make some lifelong friends or business partners. Spectators [following Covid-precautions] are certainly encouraged to attend, cheer and add to the merriment. They really bring the games to life!”

Registration for spring kickball is now open. The $76 individual entry fee includes a team shirt, photo night, equipment and prizes.

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  1. Fabulous article. I think that all of you guys are great . Wishing you all lots of fun ,laughter and success in this coming season. You are doing a wonderful thing for the community and are all truly an extraordinary group of beautiful people!

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