After growing up in his dad’s comic shop in Delaware, Greenpoint resident Eric LaGaccia now has many fond childhood memories surrounded by comics. The self-proclaimed lover of all things comics and pop-culture noticed a need for a comic shop in North Brooklyn and decided to open his own: Action City Comics (570 Manhattan Ave).

“It’s been a dream for a long time to open my own comic shop,” said LaGaccia. He previously worked as an accountant for a hotel, but 2020 happened, and so LaGaccia took a leap of faith and decided to start his own business.

“There’s something for everyone at Action City Comics,” he said. “We’ve got a great selection of new comics, graphic novels, toys and collectibles. We’ve also got an awesome kid’s section filled with cool all-ages comics. There’s also posters, vintage toys and comics. As well as Dungeons & Dragons and collectible card games like Magic, Yu-Gi-Oh, and Pokemon.”

Most of Action City Comics’ new products come from wholesalers like Diamond Comics, Lunar Distribution, Scholastic, and Penguin Random House. Vintage toys and comics are also purchased from collectors or people who bring them in to sell. Wednesdays are “New Comic Book Day” in the comic community, and Action City Comics get shipments of new books, toys, and collectibles every week. “Every time you come in, there should be something new to check out,” LaGaccia said.

So far, the community response has been overwhelming, LaGaccia said. “I love the focus on community in Greenpoint,” he added. “It’s why I’ve specifically tailored my shop to cater to not only the longtime comic fan, but also to families, and people just getting into the hobby… Everyone who comes through the door wishes me good luck and mentions how badly the neighborhood has needed a shop like this for a while! And I’m happy to provide!”


LaGaccia is an equal opportunist when it comes to comics, but he does have one standout favorite: Batman. Batwoman: Elegy by J.H. Williams is a new favorite that he now recommends too.

“I always try to read all of the new releases so that I can make good recommendations,” La Gaccia said. “People new to the hobby might not realize that new comics these days are much more than superheroes. Whatever genre you like, whether it’s sci-fi, fantasy, horror, thriller, mystery, drama, or comedy, there is a comic out there just waiting for you to discover.”

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