As restaurants continue to find creative solutions to the ongoing pandemic restrictions and limitations, many small, local eateries are reconfiguring their business models. Claire Chan, owner of Bar Beau, the hybrid café meets cocktail bar and restaurant just steps from the BQE is one such restaurateur. After vending takeout, meal kits and ingredients from her small restaurant, Chan’s now adding a subscription model to boost business and keep Brooklynites well fed.

Officially launched today, Bar Beau’s subscription offerings include the Morning Club (starting at $28) with favorite breakfast staples, the Chefs Provisions Club (starting at $60) with meal kits, provisions, and recipes, and the Cocktail Collective (starting at $30) featuring rotating cocktail creations and vintage glassware, all available for pickup at 61 Withers Street. 

“The pandemic has forced us to significantly lean out our operation, and the subscription model is a great way for us to make the most efficient use of what we currently offer while not taking away from quality or experience,” Chan said. “We have had a lot of fun putting together these memberships and have tried to be thoughtful about it so our guests can continue to experience Bar Beau in a new way.”

Bar Beau partnered with Table 22, a digital platform providing chefs and restaurateurs with the tools to build stable and customizable subscription-based revenue. The partnership aims to help both regulars and new customers alike choose from various subscriptions and select which subscription suits them and their household’s appetite the best.

Browse the full menus and sign up for various subscription tiers at


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