Greenpoint has a new boutique, fresh out of Idaho! Marmalade (82 Dobbin St.), which originally opened in Coeur d’Alene circa 2007, has expanded with a new store in the former home of The Break (which relocated to 41 Norman Ave.).

“I always wanted to be in New York City fashion,” said Marmalade’s owner Kasey Widmyer. Her mom opened the original Marmalade, and they’ve worked together over the past decade. After studying fashion marketing and communications at Parson’s, Widmyer, a Williamsburg resident, returned home to Idaho in the midst of the pandemic, and decided Marmalade should expand to Brooklyn.

“A lot of the businesses around us are really cool, we really like the vibes in this neighborhood,” Widmyer said of Marmalade’s East Coast expansion. The multi-brand retailer opened December 6th, vending up-and-coming brands, sustainable designers, giftable items, accessories and designer vintage handbags. The eclectic vintage decor that adorns the shop is also for sale. “We want the New York store to be a little more fashion-forward, and experiment with styles,” Widmyer said.

While Marmalade doesn’t stock any Brooklyn-based brands yet (the rush to put merchandise on the shelves before the holidays took precedent), Widmyer is “on the lookout” for local wares. “We’d love to connect with people interested in Marmalade,” she said.

“Our goal is to reshape people’s views on fashion, make it a positive and inclusive experience,” Widmyer said. “When people visit Marmalade, want them to explore fashion, experiment and know they can have fun with it, and use it as an outlet to express themselves and their individuality.”


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