The pandemic isn’t over just because you’re over it. Unfortunately. According to citywide COVID-19 data, the infection rates in North Brooklyn increased during this past week.

Zip code 11222 reached a 5.43% positivity rate from testing between January 3 and January 9th. Zip codes 11211 and 11249 experienced a 5.49% positivity rate during the same period. Considering several Manhattan neighborhoods are still at rates around 3%, a number familiar to Greenpoint until early 2021.

Still, North Brooklyn is not yet at the high citywide rate of infection, which continues increasing and is now at 7.98%, and as high as 16% in Ozone Park and 14.77% in Coney Island. Infection rates do not account for cases diagnosed last week.

The city visualizes this COVID-19 data by mapping zones from yellow to deep red, with yellow being the areas of lowest infection rate and red the highest. North Brooklyn falls somewhere in the orange zone this week.

A visualization of Covid-19 infection rates, as determined by testing, the week of January 3 – January 9.

With an increased rate of infection, hospitalization rates and deaths are also rising. Staying home, social distancing and getting tested regularly continues to be important to protect ourselves and our neighbors from COVID-19 and slow the spread of this ongoing virus.


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