With film studios and production houses all over the neighborhood, celebrity sightings and movie shoots are not out of the ordinary in Greenpoint. But an outdoor shoot spotted on Java and West streets on Friday is causing a stir.

Starstruck residents on the northern end of the neighborhood sent photos and videos to Greenpointers after spotting the “Sesame Street” character Big Bird surrounded by a production crew and cameras in front of the Italian restaurant Naked Dog (47 Java St.) on Friday morning.

Another tipster said that she spotted the actor who played Thomas Jefferson in “Hamilton,” Daveed Diggs, on set during a scene with his fine feathered co-star. See the paparazzi footage:


Naked Dog staff tell Greenpointers that the production today is not for the popular children’s TV show “Seseame Street,” but a commercial for the food delivery app DoorDash.

Greenpoint film buffs may recognize the same corner from the 1997 movie “Donnie Brasco” starring Al Pacino and Johnny Depp, which features the same building.


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  1. About 5- 10 yrs. ago, filming here in greenpoint in and outside was all the rage. I can’t tell you the number of outdoor shoots. There were hundreds. It was a big kick watching the filming and sometimes seeing and/or meeting the stars from most major film and tv programs.

    Then just like with anything in life the thrill wore off. With the crowds, shutting down streets, trouble getting into your house, loss of parking, dirty streets, no patronizing local food stores etc., people got sick of them and demanded from their pols. to get rid of them.

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