You all look totally groovy! At our Flower Power Spring Market, we built a floral paradise in in collaboration with local artist Colleen Blackard, with photographer Gus Ponce taking pictures of our stunning neighbors, visitors, and — yes — dogs! For a reel of some highlights and superlatives, take a gander at the sporting pictures below, or visit our Facebook page to view the full, adorable album.

Thanks to all of our talented vendors who made this event such a success — stay tuned for future news about upcoming Greenpointers markets on our Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram pages. And be sure to mark June 8 and 9 on your calendars for the return of Greenpoint Open Studios!

“Most Regal” — That post, that purple, those glasses! Greenpoint has a new queen.


“Best Scarf” — In the liminal season of early spring, this scarf is both a power move and a practical accessory.

“Ruffest Sunday” — Just posing for the treats, which is honestly fine.


“Most On Brand” — For a Flower Power market, JD and Barry were grooving in their colorful clothes, kinky hair, and 70s aviators


“Cutest Couple” — LOOK AT THE PUP’S FACE. TRY NOT TO COMBUST IN DELIGHT. And that bomber jacket? Hello daddy!

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  1. And to think, my parents bought a 3-family house in Greenpoint in the late 1950’s for … RU ready … $5,000.According to Zillow, it’s now valued at $1.2 mil. Not a bad profit.

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