“For the home baker who has mastered the country loaf and hit a dead end.”

Honestly what event copy has ever been more tasteful? Even if your leavening skills are not up to snuff, raise your stakes (and yeast) at Brooklyn Bread Lab’s September 18 baking class!

Located in the heart of Bushwick and owned and operated by the culinary team at The WIlliamsburg Hotel, Brooklyn Bread Lab is a warehouse kitchen focused on crafting artisan breads, pastas, pastries, and pizza dough from house-milled grains. Executive pastry chef Leah Morrow, who recently joined the team, is opening her kitchen to curious home bakers for a series of classes, starting with Intermediate Techniques in Whole Grain Baking on September 18 from 7–9 PM.

Intimate classes serve only 15 students and offer refreshments and invaluable baking pointers. See below for further details, and starch your engines!


Bread Baking Class
Tuesday, September 18
7–9 PM
Brooklyn Bread Lab
201 Moore Street
Brooklyn, NY 11206
Class, Baking, and Refreshments for $95
Reserve your spot

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