Kyle Du-Vunn, Deep Creek, 2018, Acrylic and marker on watercolor paper, 16 x 12″

Nudity is a theme no stranger to the artist. As Greenpoint Terminal Gallery states, “The nude is our most essentialized form. It is us at our most vulnerable, without emblematic costume signifying class, culture, or personality. In our nakedness, we lose signifiers of our hierarchies and become our animal selves — natural, innocent, without pretense.”

To see such art on full display, visit the gallery on 67 West Street (Suite 320) from September 7–15 and October 6–20 to experience SKINS, the gallery’s latest exhibit. SKINS is, per the gallery, “a celebration of the body, in its pure, natural vulnerability and beauty. It is also a reminder that we are always both separate and whole.”

An opening reception will be held this Friday from 7–10 PM. For a full roster of participating local artists, see below!

Heather Benjamin
Mark Ryan Chariker
Madeline Donahue
Jenna Gribbon
Kate Klingbeil
Katarina Janeckova
Haley Josephs
Irena Jurek
Doron Lanberg
Sophia Narrett
Jenny Morgan
Rebecca Morgan
Emilia Olsen
Danielle Orchard
Erin Riley
Leonard Reibstein
Emma Stern
Margaux Valengin
Kyle Vu-Dunn
Lily Wong

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