Skeptics, leave your doubts at the door — Siegfried Tieber is casting a spell on Greenpoint.

Yes, he’s an entertainer named Siegfried. No, he’s not that Siegfried. “My father was born and raised in Austria, which explains the name,” he tells his audience. “My mother was born and raised in Colombia, which explains the hair.”

Tieber dazzles in his one-man show See/Saw, a singular and spectacular event produced by Atlas Obscura now extended through September 9. Located at 122 Franklin Street, See/Saw inhabits a converted storefront where Tieber entertains a small audience with his sleight of hand artistry. Most of the tricks are card-based — though a dollar bill does make a splashy cameo — with each illusion ranging from mystifying to downright ludicrous. All 90 minutes are packed with unmissable moments.

In addition to the amazement in store, Tieber’s gregarious and flamboyant personality further uplifts the evening. By turns suave and sneaky, Tieber keeps audiences — an intimate group of about 20 — on the edge of their seat as he realizes trick after trick, cracking jokes along the way. He is an immensely charismatic performer with a flair for more than just clubs and diamonds.


As impressive as his antics, Tieber also learns everyone’s name and engages them during his magic tricks. Attendees shuffle decks, hold props, and pick winning cards that Tieber had moments earlier lost in his pile. All the while, he takes questions from those present and takes time during an intermission — complete with complimentary prosecco – to further converse with the lucky few in attendance.

As if the evening weren’t magical enough, the bathroom door is a sliding bookcase.

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