A Missed Craigslist Connection in Greenpoint

We stumbled across this short and mysterious Craigslist missed connection and knew we had to share.

Strawberry earrings (Greenpoint)
Met you on the line to the bathroom. I came in from the rain. You were at dinner with you mom. What restaurant were we at?

While the post is a bit vague – we don’t know if the admirer is a man or a woman, but he or she is certainly smitten with the strawberry earrings gal. And since there are so many cozy and delicious places to grab a bite in our nabe, it’s fun to wonder where this person was struck by his or her affections. Cocktails and apps at 21 Greenpoint? Smiles and pasta at the Naked Dog? A solid slice at Paulie Gees?

And Strawberry Doll, let us know if you liked your admirer, maybe there’s a romance in store for you. The possibilities are dreamy.

About Stephanie

Stephanie is a poet & pathological daydreamer. Her books Hotel Ghost and Waiting For the End of the World are available from Bottlecap Press.


  1. David says:

    Do we have too much time on our hands?

  2. Abc says:

    They were at Dunkin Donuts


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