A guided walking tour of Greenpoint Open Studios, destinations outlined below!

Greenpoint knows its ABCs — the streets, as we all know and love, often move in an alphabetical fashion. But those first couple of streets, shorter and more ostracized than the rest, can sometimes seem a bit off the beaten track. This weekend’s Greenpoint Open Studios (June 2-3) creates the perfect excuse to meander “uptown” a bit and enjoy the free event. Read on below for where we think you should start, stop, and enjoy a sweet pit stop. Follow the map and enjoy!

Start off at The Wedge, an art installation space, at 29 Ash Street. Local artists Danielle Roney and Jeffrey Conefry will be present showcasing their response to technology in our society and sculptures, respectively, in the triangular Suite 111.

Next head over to GN Woodwork at 1205 Manhattan Avenue. Enjoy homemade cutting boards, sawhorses, and other impressive furniture. Plus, maybe find your carpenter boyfriend?


Then mosey on over to the Looking Glass Factory (95 Commercial St), where a team of inventors, engineers, game devs, and artists are chasing the dream of the hologram – specifically, the cinema dream of the hologram we were all promised in Star Wars, Iron Man, and Minority Report. Why not pop in before treating yourself to a mezze feast and a Stroller Elixer at Glasserie?

Enter the B-plot at 37 Box Street‘s Magick City where you can get your groove on with music and art by The Josh Craig, and art by Amanda Morales, Mi$$ V, and Rhibot Art from 10 AM – 3 PM on Saturday, June 2nd!

You’re almost done perusing North, North Brooklyn! This will be the first stop on your tour at an artist’s personal studio: check out Kitty Pennybacker at 92 Clay Street in Apartment 2R. Kitty is known for her knitwear and other threaded gems, and seeing her vibrant work in person is a feast for the eyes.

A work by Avital Burg who will be showcased at 394 McGuiness Boulevard

Last but not least, swing by 394 McGuiness Boulevard off of Clay Street to see a sundry mix of local artists, including Matan Benzvi, Suite 4A; Avital Burg, Studio 7; Michal Geva; Ted McGrath, Suite 9; and Giordanne Salley, Suite 307.

Want to cool off after your art-filled walk? Or feel you deserve a treat? Brooklyn Ice Cream Factory (97 Commercial St) is only a block or two away.

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