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Parents, devoted aunts and uncles, and caregivers can all agree: Wild Was Mama (272 Driggs Ave) is an inclusive and open shop for all moms (and moms-to-be). The store, which follows the philosophy that they “empower moms to embrace their authentic and wild selves by providing products and education that support their own unique journey through parenthood.”

With that being said, the shop has made a positive, important mark on the neighborhood. With fun, expressive clothing for mama and babe, informative classes, and community events, it’s a major center for all things hip-mom related. And now, Wild Was Mama founder, Adriane, is taking a step back from the store to purse other ventures. With her family and projects her husband is working on, she felt like it was time to let the store keep blossoming in the neighborhood while moving on to other adventures.

Don’t fret, kiddos. The shop isn’t going anyway, it’s staying put an Adriane has been on a meticulous search for that oh-so-grand and oh-so-great new owner. The new proprietor will be revealed May 1 and Adriane plans on spending her last Saturday as owner at the shop on April 28. Stop by, stay hello, give a hug, or well wishes. And say hello to the new owner starting next month.

For details on Adriane’s farewell, check out her thoughtful letter on her Wild Was Mama journey below:

Dear Friends and Family,

As many of you know, Wild Was Mama was born as Caribou Baby in 2011 when I was desperate to bring prenatal and postpartum care to our North Brooklyn community. Since then, we have brought you vetted, eco-friendly and high quality products that you can trust, classes and events to satisfy your educational thirst, and a team of warm and caring staff to “doula” you through the threshold of new parenthood. What started out as a new mom’s pipe dream, has taken root and exploded into the vibrant and thriving community resource that Wild Was Mama is today. I hear from customers literally every single day how our business has informed and impacted their lives for the better. And, of course we could not have survived without the support and investment of you – our Wild Mamas, Papas, caregivers, family, and friends!

As my husband’s and my own personal ventures outside of the business continue to develop and expand, we have been selectively searching for a perfect person and passionate member of the community to carry the Wild Was Mama torch forward. We are so happy to share that we have found that person! We’ll be sending along a proper introduction very soon, but I first wanted to say thank you.

So, THANK YOU! Seriously. For every story you’ve shared on our couch, for every time you’ve publicly nursed in front of other parents-to-be, for every moment of gratitude and horror story that you’ve processed with others in the class space, for all the feedback you’ve given, and curious listening that you’ve done….THANK YOU. Your sharing, learning  and open-mindedness is what has created this supportive circle that is the heart of our shop and the reason why people feel safe at WWM. I feel blessed for all the years you’ve allowed me to be such an intimate part of your lives, and I feel such gratitude that we’ve found a new leader to continue this vision forward and inject the business with some new energy and direction.

At this time, our fantastic new owners will continue with the same Wild Was Mama as you know it, but have decided to close the Park Slope location. Any returns in the meantime may be brought to our Greenpoint location at 272 Driggs Ave.

And if you are near Greenpoint on Saturday, April 28th, I would so love to see you! Please stop by and and give me a big hug for the road, as this will be my final weekend as the owner of WWM.

Much love from my whole family to yours,
Adriane, Greg, Damien (8) and Loren (5)



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