March 27 was a night full of croons and tunes with Dan Auerbach & The Easy Eye Sound Revue at Brooklyn Steel. The band made a pit stop at Brooklyn Steel before their March 28 show at the Capitol Theater.

With Shannon and the Calms for an exhilarating opener, the sets were stocked with full-throttled vocals and hypnotic guitars. With country and rock influences, Auerbach’s solo album, Waiting on a Song, filled the house with fun, joy, and playful vibes. Only fools stood still that night – pretty much all of us were dancing with each lively and upbeat song.

Plus, with the Easy Eye Sound Revue iconic musicians from Nashville, the tunes were layered, complex, and so unbelievably catchy. Easy Eye Sound Revue includes Gene Chrisman on drums, Bobby Wood on keys and backup vocals, Russ Pahl on guitar, Dave Roe on bass and backup vocals, Pat McLaughlin on mandolin and backup vocals, and Dante Schwebel on guitar.


The musicians played with other legendary acts like Elvis, Johnny Cash, and Aretha Franklin. In short, if you came to this show to have a ear-blowing good time, you certainly got your money’s worth.

Shannon Shaw opened the show with her retro-feel good band Shannon and the Clams, but she also returned to the stage to belt out some majorly memorable songs such as “Cold Pillows” and “Broke My Own” with the Easy Eye Sound Revue. If that didn’t sweeten up the set enough, Robert Finley also wowed the stage with his heartfelt, funny, and raw vocals. Besides getting lost in the music, the vocals that night from all of the acts were so raw and vulnerable, that it definitely made us feel some kind of way.

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