There’s some badass women in North Brooklyn doing some cool, newsworthy, and innovate projects. Meet one of them: Virginia Elwood is a dynamic tattoo artist. You can find Virginia behind the tattoo gun at Saved Tattoo on Union Avenue and you can also see her unique and eye-catching designs in a collaboration with Zadig & Voltaire.

Photographs courtesy of Zadig & Voltaire

Virginia created a one-of-a-kind story for Zadig & Voltaire’s fragrances, THIS IS HER! and THIS IS HIM! The fragrances relaunched in February 2018, with the same scent formula. THIS IS HER! weaves notes of jasmine and vanilla-chestnut, while THIS IS HIM! contains notes of grapefruit and vanilla-incense. The fragrance launch kicks off a new bottle design bearing new designs.

However, the design is entirely brand new. The bottles tell a unique story with fun and lively rock-n-roll motifs. With stars, skulls, roses, ship masts, an inspired Venus de Milo, these enticing designs blend feminine and masculine energies into a creative journey.


Want more gripping eye candy? Browse some of Virginia’s enchanting tattoos and designs below.



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