Cheezin for the love of it

There is an ancient Greek proverb that goes, “You have not truly seen a mortal’s soul until you have seen it in the context of a dope ’60s-themed photo booth.” Nahh, that’s not true, but like, the pictures from the photo booth at Sunday’s Greenpointers Winter of Love Valentine’s Market are pretty soul-revealing. Little speaks deeper to your intentions in this world than how you interact with free love in the form of foam board.

For real though, the photo booth was a blast, thanks to all you beautiful people who came out and struck a pose. Some held babies, others held dogs, many wore red, and some did a backbend while Cardi B bumped in the background. You know who you are.

Check out the full album of photos on Facebook, and don’t forget to tag yourself! Here are a few of our favorite shots:

All photos by Ben Shirai

Cayootie patooties
Meet you after school at the heart water tower. You know the one, it’s five feet tall and contains no water, but a lot of lovingly painted cardboard
Lei her down gently
For those who didn’t experience this in person, Bodak Yellow was playing when this tableau occurred
Prom night posin’
Swirly beebs gettin’ twisty, as they do

See you in April for our next market!


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