And, it’s everything. Dusty Rose Vintage (251 Greenpoint Ave) and Hi Wildflower just unveiled a new perfume. It’s gorgeous. It’s unisex. It’s amazing.

The perfume oil is a rollerball – perfect for easy application and travel. You could tuck it into your backpack or purse for work, travel, or play. What’s the inspo for this little gem? The fragrance is inspired by the vintage shopping hunt and has notes of dusty roses, cedar, Moroccan oud, and spice.


The scent is equally feminine and masculine – the creators wanted something had a hard edge and a mix of softness. And no, the feminine notes aren’t soft – instead, the masculine tones are light and airy while the feminine has a stronger edge.

One of the best things about this must-try oil is its narrative. The story behind the fragrance is based on the allure of the vintage hunt… the magic and the thrill of finding that oh-so-hidden gem in the thrift store racks and bins.

And, even better, this perfume oil ships free on all domestic order. The $65 price tag is pretty sweet too – a small business made fragrance with shipping included? Sign me up. Or, you could try a little sample vial for $8. I plan on picking one up for all of my travel adventures.

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