Sunset at The Lot Radio. Photo: Megan Penmann

Word on the street is that there’s a dangerous crew of mockingbirds hanging out in Transmitter Park, and boy are they ready to start shit. One reader tells us, “I was running through there the other day and one of them swooped down and started pulling at my ponytail. When I tried to keep running, it followed be and started yanking at it again.” Apparently, it is nesting season for the birds and the brutal attacks should stop once the birds’ babies are able to leave the nest. This has been happening for years, and seemingly is just wildlife being rightfully pissed off that we’re invading their turf.

Japan-o-philes and lovers of designy home goods rejoice—North Brooklyn is getting a MUJI!

Greenpointer and programmer Kate Ray created playlists, for books.

A Fox News host was doused with water at Union Pool.

Beware of fradulent immigration officers. This week in Williamsburg, a man was robbed after men posed as ICE officers and wielded fake badges.


Officers from the 94th Precinct were ticketing cyclists on Franklin Street after a man was struck by a garbage truck and killed

More than 100 firefighters battled a blaze in Williamsburg last week.


A man was robbed of $3k in Williamsburg, but why was he carrying it around in a paper bag?

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