Warmer weather makes me feel like floating. Pas Mal (99 Franklin Street) is the perfect little shop for pieces that are breezy and effortless. So chic, no?

And if you want to mix in some Provence-influenced fashion into your wardrobe, then you must check out Pas Mal’s new arrivals. I picked 10 awesome pieces to add to your collection. Personally, I have my eyes on the lemon shoes. They’re so dreamy and perfect for that I-just-visited-a-vineyard-today look. Or you know, reading a book of poems in Transmitter Park.
1. Belted sun dress, $210

2. White crew neck tee, $50


3. Stripe top, $185

4. Purple sunglasses, $120

5. Turquoise mules, $409

6. Yellow pumps, $298

7. Romper, $230

8. Black dress, $160

9. Suede skirt, $275

10. One shoulder dress, $225

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