Proposed building design.

Via Friends of Transmitter Park:

“Owners of the property adjacent to Transmitter Park (13 & 15 Greenpoint Avenue) have submitted a zoning text amendment application with stipulations that could have a very negative impact on the park. As part of the application review process (ULURP) Brooklyn Community Board #1 will be voting on whether to approve this application or not. This text amendment will help the developer reap enormous additional revenue vs building up the property as-of-right by way of government approval of this application.

Friends of Transmitter Park and community members plan to speak at this meeting prior to the vote.

*** We need as many people as possible to be there to send a strong message to the board that the residents of Greenpoint do not want their precious park violated.”

The Community Board meeting is tonight, January 10th from 6pm–9pm at  the Swinging 60’s Senior Center (211 Ainslie Street @ Manhattan Ave).

As-of-right building design.

According to Friends of WNYC Transmitter Park, the main concerns of the design proposal are around its intrusiveness:

  • The developer intends to put the entrance next to the edge of the park by the playground with a large plate glass “fishbowl” lobby looking toward the park’s playground
  • Entrances should be on Kent Street & Greenpoint Avenue, NOT bordering the park.
  • Facing the park there should be no glazing below 25 feet and/or a physical barrier such as a stone or brick wall
  • Tax payers should NOT be providing a no-strings attached world-class front yard for a private development.
  • What is the community benefit from this proposal? None. This design will NOT provide additional affordable housing.
  • Developer should contribute to the maintenance and improvement of the park
  • The park will greatly enhance the value of the development, BUT the development as designed will degrade the park

As-of-right (with the zoning unamended), the developer must build two separate buildings facing the streets with an open space requirement (backyard, courtyard). Note the developer’s rendering, above.

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  1. Follow the money. Did these developers contribute to DeBlasio’s personal piggy bank, The Campaign for One New York? If so, all they need to kick in would be a token few “market rate” units and they’re Scott free.

  2. im having problems understanding what the issue is here- generally. I think they should pay into an operating fund if they do enjoy the view of the park. That said, I do not have problems having eyes on the park at all times. This will drastically increase safety in the park.

    If this is negotiation then fine.

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