So much good music in town this weekend that I’m expanding out to Tuesday on recommended shows.

Favorites over the religious holiday include folk star Jen Chapin, R&B’s Majid Jordan, and Brazilian seduction master Bebel Gilberto.

Not to mention a Deadhead concert for kids, Mexican banda, two nights of Luna . . .and a punk and rock lineup at Gateway for their one-year anniversary.

It all starts at Gateway, as you make your way out there to see Dad for their show at 10 PM or 4 PM, or maybe 4 AM? Who knows, for Gateway’s anniversary today they’ve got 4 DJ’s and 14 bands lined up, and a hella lot of sweaty people looking to get raged.

Crowd at Gateway

There’s also Dead Sexy Sheila on the bill, along with the Holy Smokes, and other acts you can hear here.


As an alternate for tonight, Banda de los Muertos plays the first Saturday of every month at Barbes off the G train.

They are a group of jazz greats whose shows normally cost $100 a pop.

But they all share my love of Mexican banda music and its frenzied crowds, so they play here for $10. Think big brass instruments, a packed room, and constant dancing.

Those of you with kids can catch Melvin Seals and the JGB Jerry Jam Band on Sunday afternoon.

They do a kid’s show that features jam band songs, so you can re-live your days following the Grateful Dead on tour. Even if you later blew it by being boring and getting married and having kids off of a long engagement.

Sunday night there’s Jen Chapin starting up a residency at Barbes. If you’re not convinced to see her after this version of Van Morrison’s Into The Mystic, then we can never be friends.

Britta Phillips from Luna

Sunday night has Luna, too, at Rough Trade, performing Penthouse in full.

As you might expect, it’s technically sold out, but the biggest crowd will be at their Saturday night show there, so you shouldn’t have a problem getting in.

Monday’s a day of repentance, or just a soul-crushing first day back at work, depending on your religious affiliation.

So wait until Tuesday night instead, and catch bossa nova modernizer and heartbreak expert Bebel Gilberto at National Sawdust.

Majid Jordan is a producer/singer duo that also perform that night.

They have assumed the role of backup act for celebrity singers for far too long, but that time out of the spotlight has gave them the freedom to create some real breakout work on their own.

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