Projection: ‘And After That, We Didn’t Talk’ (2016), GoldLink & Rubberband (Jason Sondock & Simon Davis). Photo by Minna Son

What if you could experience art in a totally different way – at a house party, for instance? Hatch Series is a New York/Taipei-based curatorial collective that aims to showcase emerging artists, create physical and virtual communities, and provide seemingly unusual spaces for exhibiting art—such as most recently, at the Greenpoint loft of co-Exhibition Manager Amanda Picotte.

Hatch Series Number 4 focused on Invented Traditions, which welcomed 10 artists to share work on “the current phenomena of escapism, cultural hybridity and developing aesthetics of nostalgia.” Topics for each show are selected based on what’s of interest at the moment to the Hatch community and other “urban creatives.” The past year has showcased the intersection between craft and design.

Visitors enjoying cocktails at Picotte’s gorgeous Greenpoint loft. Photo by Minna Son

The latest exhibit opened with a pre-show preview and pop-up tasting. Chef Day created a Haitian-inspired menu, and wine was provided by South African Wines, with Ricky Aiello of Braised by Wolves serving as sous chef. It was a chill way to experience the art before the opening, while tasting some pretty delicious food and wine.

Hatch is a truly collaborative environment. Invented Traditions was shaped by co-founders and co-curators Minna Son and Nana Yu-I Lee, guest co-curator Andrea Klabanova, and co-exhibition managers Amanda Picotte and Michelle Carolina Levie. Each curator has three artists they select for the show, and each artist is invited to find 1-3 artists for the show. In this way, community is formed, with artists helping artists they know, and new artists finding a home where they can share their art.

‘Untitled’ (2016), Amelia Zhang. Photo by Minna Son

Many artists in New York City find it difficult to find space and support to create and show their art; Hatch aims to change that. The gallery shows are the pinnacle of what Hatch does. By hosting exhibits at house parties, an environment is created that is more welcoming than the traditional somewhat exclusive gallery atmosphere. People who don’t traditionally go to galleries and museums can experience art at a rather intimate level, hanging out with artists and viewers, often with a cocktail in their hands. Son and Lee are especially interested in exploring interdisciplinary art, so Hatch Series provides a space for this.

“Invented Traditions” featured several interesting pieces. Lawyer-turned-artist Shevaun Wright drew up a “rape contract,” a legal piece of work in the vein of a legal contract. The victim’s statements were all written in invisible ink that was only visible after using a UV light (available for viewers to borrow). Umber Majeed “Oasis” conceived of a fascinating tapestry that instead of swirls and designs, featured inflatable pools. Rubber Band’s “The end/the beginning” was comprised of projected images that were a commentary on the male gaze.

Hatch series aims to keep expanding and experimenting in the future, sharing its visions and art, exploring new artists, and inviting viewers to experience art in an unconventional way.

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