Jens Rasmussen, before and after.

As Greenpointers we’re quite fortunate to have so many sweet amenities at our doorstep—a bounty of delicious restaurants and artisanal food sources, more than enough bars where we can sling back a drink or two, and swimming pools to cool off in if we’re trying to survive the summer without A/C. As rough as NYC life can be sometimes, we’re pretty gifted with a life of lesiure. But one local Greenpoint resident, Jens Rasmussen, endured totally different harsh elements—the savage expanse of Africa—to star in the new NatGeo reality series Mygrations. The show follows 20 tough women and men as they track a wildebeest migration through the rough savannah in Kenya, unarmed and without map or compass. Their journey from the southern Serengeti to the Mara River lasted six weeks, and Rasmussen tells us he lost 20% of his body weight on the perilous journey. It’s tough enough surviving in modern day Brooklyn, so we can’t imagine how he persevered through this epic trek.

Check out Mygration’s trailer here.

And tonight (Monday June 20), our friends at Greenpoint Beer and Ale (7 N 15th Street) are hosting a show watch party at 9pm. It’s the second-to-last episode, so the stakes are high and a perfect time to tune in.

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