Well hello there, Spring! We’re finally seeing some blooms and sunshine in the neighborhood again.  And, you’re probably gearing up to clean out your closet and maybe add a little somethin’ new to your collection. If you’re in a major purging mode, you’re probably organizing your once-loved items by category. Think: donate, keep, and sell. Did you know that there’s quite a few stores in our area that you can sell your gently-used clothes, shoes, and accessories to?

If you want to get started on selling and need some key tips to maximizing your return, read on for some expert guidelines on where to sell and how to clean out your closet like a pro.

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What you need to know before you sell:


1. Don’t bring in damaged clothing. Unless it’s a major designer brand with intended rips or bleach stains (ex: Balmain or Valentino), the buyers won’t purchase it. If it looks too old from from wear, has stains/pilling/rips, then toss that clothing item in the trash.

2. Items should be in-season. While your vintage motorcycle jacket will make customers swoon in October, it’s not warm-weather friendly in May or June. For the best return on your clothing and accessories, always have seasonally-appropriate goods on hand. Your fall and winter pieces will fare much better in colder weather sales.

3. Think about trends and beyond. If you don’t see yourself rocking Birkenstocks or Docs, then bring them to your local and hip boutique. If you’re not sure if the item is cool-worthy, ask a friend’s opinion. And, always check out the shop you’re thinking of selling at beforehand. If their vibe is way more boho-pretty and care-free, then you’ll want to bring your leather pants and Chelsea boots to a different shop.

4. Stay away from fast fashion brands. While that adorbs floral romper you scored at Forever 21 saw you through many rooftop cocktails, brunches, and the Northside Festival, most buyers aren’t going to hand over cash for such a low-value item. H&M, Forever 21, and Old Navy are going to be passed over more often than not.

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Local shops that buy your vintage and used clothing:

1. People of 2morrow – 65 Franklin St.
2. Fox & Fawn Vintage – 570 Manhattan Ave.
3. Beacon’s Closet – 74 Guernsey St.
4. Monk Vintage – 496 Driggs Ave.
5. Crossroads – 135 N 7th Street
5. Buffalo Exchange – 504 Driggs Ave.

Don’t want to sell and just want to donate to people in need?

Beacon’s Closet and Monk Vintage accept donations. And, you can also send your items to these non-profits like Housing Works, Purple Heart Pick Up, NYC Stuff Exchange, or the Salvation Army. Don’t forget to check out this post for more donation sites and swap ideas.

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