According to a pretty credible source, sober is the new drunk. And fresh juices are the new craft cocktails. A new generation of New Yorkers is opting for juice crawls rather than bar crawls to get their social kicks. So, are you ready to swap your Brooklyn Lager for a doctor Earth? Your Ragtime Rye for a ginger turmeric booster? Me neither. But I will definitely head straight for the green stuff in the morning after having a little too much fun at the bar (and I don’t mean the juice bar). That’s where JUS by Julie, with its new location at 629 Manhattan Avenue, comes to save the hungover morning.

Photo via JUS by Julie

Though not a registered stop on the crawl, JUS by Julie is a great place to go if you want a healthy boost before summer hits. We have our very own recently opened Jus by Julie nestled on Manhattan Avenue between Bedford and Nassau. Julie’s juices are blended rather than cold pressed so they might be a little thicker than what you are used to. By blending the whole fruit or vegetable, all of the fiber (read pulp) remains in the juice which will leave you feeling fuller and more satisfied. It might take a little getting used to if you usually go for cold pressed but founder and certified health coach, Julie Maleh, asserts that the fiber left in the juice helps the body to remove toxins and stabilize blood sugar. I haven’t tried it but I imagine this would make a cleanse quite a bit easier to do. And it is prime time for juice cleanses with summer right around the corner.

Photo via JUS by Julie

Jus by Julie offers several cleanse packages ranging from one to five days. For those of us who can’t fathom going even 24 hours on juice alone, there is the option to add soup. The vegetable forward soups can be enjoyed hot or chilled during the warmer months and include flavors such as hearty potato leek and pumpkin coconut bisque.

Feeling tired? Hungover? Sick? Shots such as Oregano, Ginger Citrus, or Turmeric, among others, should have you back on your feet in no time. You can purchase these boosters on their own or get them in bundle packages alongside juices for a detox. Juices and boosters are freshly blended each morning and all items are dairy free, gluten free and certified Kosher. Juice flavors include green mixes such as the Pine-Apple Mint (apple, pineapple, mint, water) as well as more adventurous numbers like Squash-kin Spice (apples, bananas, cinnamon, nutmeg). A lot of them contain rice or coconut milk to lend a richer, creamier consistency and an extra nutritional boost without considerably altering the taste of fruits and vegetables.

Possibly the most intriguing item on the menu is the probiotic cold brew which offers a healthy dose of probiotics while you’re getting your caffeine buzz. There has been a lot of press covering the probiotic cold brew which has been infused with 1,000 CFU’s of vegan GanedenBC30 probiotics to promote healthy immune and digestive systems. GanedenBC30 is a special strain of probiotic that has a protective shell allowing it to safely reach the digestive system which may make it more effective than yogurt cultures. So go ahead, toss the yogurt and grab a coffee instead.


Probiotics not your thing? Go for the Java Jus instead, one of over 20 flavors of “Jus”, covering the entire color spectrum. This java will give you a boost of B vitamins which are more easily absorbed due to the addition of coconut in the blend.

Basically, Jus by Julie has something for everyone so you should check it out. We promise they won’t try to make you give up your booze.

Visit JUS by Julie’s new storefront at 629 Manhattan Avenue near Bedford.

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