The great thing about Greenpoint is that there isn’t a shortage of vintage shops to hunt in. And, many of the owners are smart, sweet, and sassy. I can say the same thing for the store, Mind / Matter (165  Greenpoint Ave) is a vintage lover’s dream. More so, the owner, Elle Ditta, is charming and knowledgable.

I recently sat down with Elle to discuss her new store and why it’s a perfect sanctuary for all vintage enthusiasts. (Hint: oh-so-sweet clothes, beauty, and retro furniture).

Greenpointers: What inspired you to start the shop? 

Elle: I opened a vintage shop partly because I love treasures, but honestly its more about opening my doors to the community. I want people to feel at home in my store.

I was inspired to create a welcoming environment, a space where people would feel good about coming inside to muse over beautiful things.

Coming from a lineage of Italian immigrants who settled in Brooklyn and utilized their talents and opened small business, I wanted to pay homage to my past, recreate the energy of the generations of “Mom and Pop” shops that helped make our borough what it is today.


GP: What are some of your current favorite products?

Elle: Nothing is more rewarding than seeing another person look at an item in awe, the same awe (that energy) that I felt when I first adopted that item.  I was just visiting upstate, my boyfriends family lives there — in The Finger Lakes area. I found these sweet hanging brass birds. He usually doesn’t get too giddy about my finds but these he said will sell as soon as I hung them on the wall. The sold the very next day! I love those rare gems, I’m always so sad to see them go.

GP: How do you stay clear and focused when thrifting? How do you know you found the right pieces for your store?

Elle: I never go treasure hunting unless I am in a peaceful and centered state. Its an energetic experience to me, an adventure. I clear my mind, smile, and let the right items find me.

GP: What are your future hopes and visions for the store?

Elle: I’d love to be known for having rad finds at a modest price. Thats why I love my new partners Furnish Green. They get it.

I didn’t want to open a shop filled of things that I couldn’t afford myself. It’s living honestly. I strive to expand my inventory to become a one-stop-shop for everything you’d need to live a sustainably conscious lifestyle.

Also, I’d love the opportunity to our “services” – most people don’t know that we offer an array of services from Green Housecleaning to guidance in Holistic Health and Wellness.

GP: Describe your perfect day in Brooklyn.

Elle: Engaging with new people in the store, there are so many interesting people in Greenpoint! And, I love to cook – but its so rejuvenating to go out sometimes. My boyfriend and I are both Italians, and we do enjoy a good meal!

Shop Mind / Matter
165 Greenpoint Avenue


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