To all the purrrfect cat lovers out there: 11/21 is your power day. Brooklyn Craft Co. is holding a festival of magical cat crafts for you. On November 21st, take part in a glorious pop-up cat cafe (!), snuggle adorable cats and kitten while making something pretty awesome for yourself.
Craft, sew, and even knit with your cat’s fur! It might be a little eccentric, but what isn’t? Pawsonally, I’m game to make a darling little change purse or some wire wrapped cat ears ring. Oh yeah, and I totally want an excuse to snuggle up with some lil’ kittens!

Oh, and to sweeten the deal, Brooklyn Animal Action will be in the house to help these lovely cats find their forever homes. Now, check out what you can DIY:

Snag an early bird ticket here, before the cat gets your spot!

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