Courtesy of the Ugly Art Room Facebook page. Corvallis artist Rob Jelinksi gave us a sneak peak via Instamagrams…

The Ugly Art Room is a roving curatorial art project that has moved from Brooklyn to Corvallis, Oregon. Its inaugural Pacific Northwest exhibition will be a postcard show exploring the theme of travel, place and presentation. Ugly Art Room (UAR) is conducting an open call to artists for postcard submissions through November 9. All works are accepted.

Courtesy of the Ugly Art Room Facebook page.

The exhibition, “Paradise,” will be presented by UAR in participation with the Corvallis Arts Walk (CAW) at the Wellsher Building. When developing work for the exhibition, artists should take into account the history of the Wellsher Building as UAR’s mission is to present artwork that considers its relationship to its environment physically, conceptually or historically.

New York-born Jacob H. Wellsher was a wagon and carriage maker by trade. Along with his wife, Christena A. Wellsher, and son, Theodore H. Wellsher, he travelled from Iowa to Oregon to begin a new life in 1952. The young Wellsher, after whom the building is named, was a blacksmith, a carriage maker and ran a florist shop at the location.

Courtesy of the Ugly Art Room Facebook page.

To participate, artists must:


1. Create an original or editioned print 4″x6″ artwork.

2. Print the following information on the back of each postcard:

Email or Phone:
Website/Facebook/Instagram (optional):
Price or NFS:
Message (optional):

3. Mail postcard to:

Ugly Art Room
c/o Poptart
460 Madison Ave, Suite #7
Corvallis, Oregon

The delivery deadline is Monday, November 9. Each postcard will be labeled and a list of participating artists will be made available to gallery visitors and online. All works for sale will share 50% commission. Payments for sold work will be made via paypal.

Courtesy of the Ugly Art Room Facebook page.

Note that only one postcard per artists will be displayed, unless space permits. Work that is larger than 4″ x 6″ will not be exhibited and work that does not include information listed above on the back of the card will not be exhibited.

If you would like your work returned to you, mail a self-addressed stamped envelope separately. International artwork cannot be returned. If you do not send return postage, your artwork will not be returned.

The opening reception will be Thursday, November 19 from 4:00 to 8:00 pm and the exhibit will be open on Fridays from 3:00 to 5:00 pm through December 16 at Poptart (460 Madison Ave, Suite #7, Corvallis, OR).

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