One of the reasons I moved to this neighborhood is that so many women have the most intriguing sense of style. Wray is a cool and subtle line that has spark and mystery for any Greenpoint woman. I sat down with the designer, Wray Serna, to discuss her amazing collection and why she loves creating and living in Greenpoint.

With sensibilities and silhouettes concerned with form and the body, Wray knocks it out of the park. What’s even better is Serna’s vision for creativity and activism. All Wray garments are produced by a small, fair-trade manufacturer in Delhi, India.

Greenpointers: What is your inspiration behind Wray?
Wray Serna: My inspiration for doing the line is to offer wearable fashion that has an emphasis in craft, simplicity and dynamic colorful prints. I draw a lot of inspiration from art and travel as well as personal influences from my background. My history is deeply rooted with my Italian mother and my Mexican father and a lot of influences come from their backgrounds and personalities.

GP: What is your creative process like?
Wray Serna: My creative process is ongoing. When I am in a different country, state, or just strolling around Brooklyn I am constantly taking visual notes on things I see. I have a studio full of textiles and books as well as a folder of images that I have been taking throughout my travels. When it is time to design I pour through my items and pull out elements. I always have little bits of personal history embedded in all of my designs. From there it is a lot of sketch, fabric sourcing and color swatching…


GP: What are some of your favorite pieces from this collection?
Wray Serna: I really like the Pathos Dress in our Stones print. My husband and I co-collaborated on this print. We were influenced by cobbled streets in Santorini, Greece. Everyday that we walked those streets, we couldn’t help but to think they would make a great print. I also like our Gamos Jumpsuit, it is such an awesome piece to wear every-day and translates well throughout seasons.

GP: How does Brooklyn influence your design? Your personal style?
Wray Serna: Greenpoint is where we live and both work so I spend a lot of time within 10 blocks. Right now, it is our hub. I can’t speak to all of Brooklyn because it is so vast but Greenpoint definitely has a vibe that I fall into. I see a lot of women here, who are wearing eclectic items and who are very chic. I am sure elements of this fall into my designs. To me, it is one of the most peaceful places in Brooklyn so I feel relaxed and creative here.

GP: Describe your perfect day in Brooklyn.
Wray Serna: Waking up, grabbing a tea and a lavender shortbread at Bakerie, checking in on Ethan (my husband) at his studio across the street. Heading to my studio with my dogs over by West street and taking a break at the park near River Sticks. From there, we like to take in the Manhattan view for a moment before heading back to work. To me, ending the day at Glasserie with a lovely meal and a glass of wine completes my Brooklyn day.

You can shop Wray online or check the brand out at Antoinette.

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