The past few weeks we have been bragging how Greenpointers this summer are always only an easy cruise away from great tunes outdoors.

Today, in case you just woke up and stumbled to the bodega for an egg and cheese on a roll, we give you: the Out In the Streets festival, taking place at the Onderdonk House today and tomorrow.

It’s the L train to Jefferson, or you can bike over the Grand St. bridge and hook a right on, of course, Onderdonk Avenue.

There’s going to be food, music, and art on two acres of land. It’s like you get the quaint setting of an upstate Amish auction, but with your usual Bushwick mayhem erupting all around you. If you don’t believe me, check out this video from last year’s event.


Here are some bands playing that we think best complement blissed-out, blitzed-out fun in the outdoor sun. You can click on the band name hyperlink for a song preview. For Saturday, Haybaby, Sunset Images, and Total Slacker.

The Love Supreme

On Sunday, The Love Supreme, Terror Pigeon, Heliotropes, Spritzer, Twin Strike, Koh, and Oliver Ralli (oh great I like the entire sunday lineup. they gonna be digging me out of the mud on monday).

So get out there, bands are starting now! Tickets are $20 a day, or $35 for both days.

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