Tonight, Broad City leaves the comfy environs of Abbi’s couch (or should we say Bevers’ couch?) in Astoria and comes to Greenpoint.

Marinara Stardust and Bambi Galore will bring your favorite Comedy Central broads (and their accompanying boys) to the stage at Matchless tonight (Fri, 7/10). From feminism to immigration, work inequality to marijuana reform, no pertinent topic will be uncovered (and no behind left covered) at Broad City Burlesque.

“If you have lived in NYC in your twenties, you have probably had some shitty job like Abbi while waiting for a big break, hooked up with a rando, or ended up at a roof party,” Bambi said. “The situations are relatable and that adds to the humor.”

Marinara and Bambi have been a co-producing team since 2011, when Bambi lived in Greenpoint and Marinara in Williamsburg. Their avant-garde burlesque style espouses glitter, freedom, political discussion and performances that go there.


When asked how they choose the numbers for their show, Marinara responded, “We do not run a rigid show! We want people to be creative and have fun.”

“Our shows are definitely a bit different than a classic sit-down, ticketed burlesque show,” the duo said. “We love the freedom and creativity that burlesque offers and love taking things we enjoy and putting a cheeky spin on them.”

Hosted by Bambi Galore and starring Brownie Pointe, Faux Pas, Mary Vice, Christian Crusade, Marinara Stardust, and Candy Monroe, you can expect to see the usual suspects brought to life, including Soulstice Employee of the Millennium Trey, wistful hopeful trainer Abbi, America’s new favorite citizen Jaime, as well as some special appearances by Kaiju Big Battel-esque Bingo Bronson, Judy Garlandesque jazz speakeasy-singin’ alterego Val, and disdainful Deals Deals Deals coworker Nicole. 

And of course, what Broad City Burlesque show would be complete without an homage to PU$$YWEED? The co-producers say that nature’s drug pocket will receive a tribute.

And their favorite characters? Who other than the two women who created the show? “I love Ilana and her joie de vivre — her openness to all adventures, and people,” Bambi said. For Marinara, it’s Abbi. “I will always identify with the girl who would rather stay in and watch Netflix and gets her strength from food — in her case crushed-up brown Gardetto’s!”

Broad City Burlesque opens the back door to Matchless at 9pm Friday, July 10. The show begins at 10pm.

“I’m excited for the show because these shows are why I do burlesque: A group of people coming together to perform with no judgments and no barriers,” Marinara said.





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