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I love style and shopping as much as the next person, but sometimes it can feel frivolous to only write about new things to purchase. I’m happy to discover that Buffalo Exchange uses fashion to raise animal awareness. In April, the thrift store raised over $49,000 to benefit The Fun For Animals. Animal rights and welfare is a cause that’s dear to my heart, so I’m excited to look into a family operated company that also has a location in North Brooklyn.
In support of Earth Day, Buffalo Exchange raised a total of $49,157.52 for animal welfare. It doesn’t stop there. The thrift store locations also collected 1,450 furs between January and April 18th for Coats for Cubs. Furs donated by customers were shipped to animal rehabilitation facilities around the U.S. for use as bedding to help orphaned and injured animals. Rehabbers have reported that the animals benefit immensely from the use of fur items. If you want to donate furs in the future to help these beautiful animals, Buffalo Exchange will start accepting donations in January 2016.

© Buffalo Exchange Instagram

So, what is The Fund for Animals? The charity operates the nation’s largest and most diverse network of animal care centers. An affiliate of The Humane Society of the United States, The Fund for Animals provides hands-on care and safe haven for more than 3,000 animals representing 150 species each year, including those rescued from cruelty and neglect, victims of the exotic pet trade, injured and orphaned wildlife, refugees from research labs, and many more, and works to prevent cruelty through advocacy and education. On a personal note, this is something I strive to support since there are so many animals that need safety, help, and care.

It’s also important for me as a shopper to know where a company’s vision and policy stands. In general, it’s great that Buffalo Exchange already sells used and vintage clothing, which in itself supports a policy of reusing and revitalizing goods we already have instead of a cycle of using, discarding, and buying more. However, it’s also vital that it just doesn’t stop there. Being aware of our environment and our animals is the tops.

Next year, I’ll be heading to the Williamsburg location to help out and raise awareness, too. After all, one of the reasons I live in Greenpoint is for all of the charismatic, passionate folks who also love to help animals as well.

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