It’s with a sad heart that I report The One Well is closing on June 14th. The sprightly little shop on Greenpoint Avenue sells ceramics, housewares, candles, vintage finds, handbags, original art, and even treats like honey and chocolate.

It’s always a bummer to see a local business shutter, though this has a silver lining. Kerry Jones, owner of The One Well, is relocating to Atlanta to pursue new adventures. The website will still be in business, so you can keep on loving the shop!

Read more for an interview with the lovely Kerry and information on the closing party later in June.

GP: How has your journey with The One Well gone?

Kerry: It’s been completely lovely and incredibly rewarding. I saw something in Greenpoint about 4 years ago that made me want to begin a life here. I found this dreamy space, and began endowing it with authentically high vibes and love. What sprung forth has been an overwhelmingly positive artful experience.


GP: How would you like to spend your last few weeks in Greenpoint?
Kerry: Going to shows in Brooklyn every night with my friends. Playing guitar at my shitty practice space as often as possible, in preparation for my show at Troost on June 5th. Getting to visit with all my regulars from the last 3 1/2 years one last time at the shop, and seeing that each of the special items I have left in stock find loving, appreciative homes. Finding my dream house in Atlanta! (Wrap-around porch a must.)

GP: Do you have any advice for women running their own small businesses?
Kerry: Keep meticulous records!! And even though I’ve heard horror stories about folks choosing the wrong business partner, I would’ve loved to have had a support system. A brain to counterbalance mine, a cohort to possess all the qualities that I don’t.

GP: What are you hoping this new chapter in your life will bring?
Kerry: I plan to continue my curatorial work in ATL, assisting arts organizations of various kinds. I’ve worked as a private chef here and in the Hamptons for the last 5 years, so I’ll continue my work perpetuating the spread of sustainability in food. But I’m excited for a simpler, slower way of life with less hustle and more meditative moments.

GP: What are some of your favorite products in The One Well?

Kerry: I LOVE EVERYTHING! I personally use all the products I feature in the shop before bringing them on, so that’s to be expected. But I am totally obsessed with Hi Wildflower’s facial serum, 9 Brooklyn’s room sprays, and Kevin Wilcoxson’s ceramics, all currently still available in limited quantities. Also our raw NY State honey is absolutely beyond.

GP: What are the pros of having your own store? The cons?
Kerry: Everyone is different. For me, the major pro has been having creative control of a space that’s my heart and soul anthropomorphized in a room. This space has always been a sanctuary that I’ve had free reign over, and folks feel that energy when they come in. They tell me so all the time. From the smells to the music to what goods we have available to what art is currently adorning our walls, every choice has been purposeful and magical. The cons are basically everything else, business related. My brain just doesn’t work that way.

Don’t forget to keep up with The One Well on Facebook and Instagram. The closing reception will be held on June 13th and the store will stay open with the 14th.

The One Well Closing Reception
June 13th, 6-10 pm
165 Greenpoint Avenue

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