Macha Jewelry is awesome because it’s an eclectic mix of dainty, sweet, rough, and hard edged. Basically, it’s everything I feel as a Greenpoint gal. Macha was London created, but now their studios are in West Street Studios building. Glorious.

Learn more about this delicious jewels and perhaps get a bauble of your own.

All of the pieces are handcrafted and exude a tought-but-sweet rock and roll vibe. In short, I’m all over this. If you want something more traditional, such as a solitaire, or more alternative like no-diamonds-please, Macha marries the best of both worlds.

1. Diamond Rockwell II, $4,925
2. Dandelion Trinity, $1,200
3. Karis, $510
4. Stella, $1,795
5. Chrissie, $2,500
6. Mackenzie, $650
7. Garnet Trilogy, $1,900
8. Jagger, $2,900
9. Jodie Lee, $3,100

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