Love in the air? If you’re thinking of putting a ring on your awesome partner, perhaps you’ll want to check out these North Brooklyn based jewelry designers. From traditional, to no diamonds, platinum and rose gold, there’s something for every smitten kitten. Click through for boutiques and pricing.

  1. Catbird: Blanca Monros Gomez, $2,385.
  2. Catbird: Leda, the Swan, from $3,200.
  3. Catbird: Odile, the Swan, from $1,350.
  4. In God We Trust, Madeleine, $575.
  5. In God We Trust, Diana, $5,135.
  6. In God We Trust, Victoria, $4,960.
  7. Winden Ceremonial, Laidley, $2,530.
  8. Winden Ceremonial, Clark, Rose Gold, $1,330.
  9. Winden Ceremonial, Clark, Yellow Gold, $1,320.

Stay tuned for more curated wedding and bridal posts from local owners! Look for more posts and off beat findings for every bride or groom.



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