Ah, it’s that time of year again. Some of us might take pleasure in shopping for gifts (like me!) while others are stumped when it comes to finding the perfect present. Regardless, it’s always great to have some inspiration and shop small businesses. The gifts range from a little somethin’ to a sweet splurge. Click through for some of my favorite picks from our ‘hood.

  1. Old Hollywood Anchor Necklace, $45
  2. Catbird Lovecats Ring, $32
  3. Old Hollywood Wolf Patch, $6
  4. Vera Meat Tiny Frenchie Lover Necklace, from $88
  5. Ila Tinted Lip Conditioner (via Catbird), $24
  6. People of 2morrow Shell Earrings, $180
  7. Alter De La Mer Cocoon Coat, $230
  8. Winden Jewelry Babe Necklace, from $77
  9. Violet Pepper Cobra Cult Dagger Earrings, $65



  1. Old Hollywood Raven Key Grip, $60
  2. In God We Trust Naadam Baiocco Cashmere Beanie, $75
  3. Old Hollywood Wolf Patch, $6
  4. M&U and Co. Bifold Wallet, $88 (more colors)
  5. Alter Brooklyn Belt, $40
  6. Pendelton Bandanas, $9
  7. In God We Trust Brooklyn Bandana, $20
  8. In God We Trust Chamois Button Down Shirt, $135



Other ideas? Non-gender specific?

  • A smart whiskey from Duke’s Liquor Box (170 Franklin St) or a punchy wine via Dandelion Wine (153 Franklin St) is a superb option.
  • Brooklyn Craft classes! Treat your friend, spouse, sibling, lover, coworker, (etc!) to a little creative time.
  • Or, if you have a nearest & dearest with the fitness bug, how about a Jessie Zalla pilates class, or two?
  • A good book will never go wrong and the right story can leave a lasting impression. Word (126 Franklin St), as always, impresses.

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