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That’s right folks. Get ready to tie up those laces because our favorite and only ice skating rink is now back in business! From now until January 4th 2015, Greenpointers can ice skate their hearts and fannies off at the McCarren Park Ice Rink. Thanks to a nice $100,000+ injection from Councilman Levin’s office for parks-related improvements, our little ice rink is now a whopping 25% bigger!

This year the ice rink has stretched in size to 60 feet wide by 150 feet long. That’s give us 9,000 square feet of room to fall on our asses, knock into fellow neighbors, squeeze in some hand-holding, and get in touch with our inner Evengi Plushenko.

And if that wasn’t enough good news to cheer about, wait there is more. Parents with cabin-fevered kids can swing by any Monday and Tuesday afternoon between 4-7 pm and kids get in free!

As the only ice rink in Northern Brooklyn, McCarren Park’s rink saw 25,000 visitors last year. Organizers expect to see that number climb even higher this year. Hopefully any additional revenue will help keep the rink open beyond January 4th. Any operating dates past the 4th are yet to be determined. Stay tuned for updates.

So what are you waiting for? Grab those mittens and let’s get our skate on Greenpoint!


McCarren Park Ice Rink is located at 776 Lorimer Street. The rink will be open Monday-Friday 12-10 pm, Saturday 10 am-11pm, and Sunday 10 am-8pm. Adult admission $11, Children $6 (kids free Monday and Tuesday between 4-7pm). Skate rentals $6 per person.

For more info visit the Parks Department website

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