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Fellow Greenpointer, Pat Benatar

Update 01/10/23: This illustrated series of famous Greenpointers has long been completed, but we thought it would be fun to share again in honor of the rock star’s birthday today.

A portrait of Greenpointer Pat Benatar – Illustrated by Rebecca Clarke

What do you think of our new illustrated series of famous Greenpointers?

Our first is the one and only Pat Benatar! This Greenpointer’s real name is Patricia Mae Andrzejewski. Born in Greenpoint on January 10, 1953, she married young, took her husband’s last name, moved to Virginia, then ditched him and moved back to NYC for the glory of rock stardom after domestic life down south was too … domestic. The iconic 80s pop-star has 10 platinum albums, eight No. 1 singles, and four Grammy awards. According to Wiki, she was the first woman to play on MTV, performing “You Better Run.” Pat Benatar is a major badass and we are proud to have her as a “native” Greenpointer!

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      1. She was from Humboldt St, so likely baptized at St Stan’s. I think that the family moved to Lindenhurst when she was 4, so she never attended school in Greenpoint.

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