Greenpoint Open Studios Walking Tour #3: Eckford & Calyer Streets

©Greenpointers IG by @thedarkenergist

There’s some cool art to see today, right in your own backyard. If Eckford & Calyer Streets are your domain, then you’re in luck—Greenpoint Open Studios Walking Tour #3 has you covered.

START: 65 Eckford Street     END: 255 Calyer Street

First Stop: 65 Eckford St., Chris Held, furniture + sculpture

©Chris Held

Second Stop: 99 Eckford St., #3, Hildos, illustration + performances + videos


Third Stop: 307 Eckford St., Floor 2, Roberto Jamora, painting

"Two Memories" ©Roberto Jamora

Fourth Stop: 307 Eckford St., Floor 2, Bico Kondo, painting + jewelry

©Bico Kondo

Fifth Stop: 307 Eckford St., Sandra Nydegger, photography

©Sandra Nydegger

Sixth Stop: 307 Eckford St., Ernie Sandidge, painting

©Ernie Sandidge

Seventh Stop: 255 Calyer St., Chris Retsina, paintings + drawings + sculptures

©Chris Retsina

Eighth Stop: 255 Calyer St., Phoebe Morris, installation + performance + video + painting

©Phoebe Morris

Ninth Stop: 255 Calyer St., #9, Maureen St. Vincent, paintings

©Maureen St. Vincent

END: 255 Calyer Street

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Ona Abelis is a poet & journalist in Brooklyn.

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