Just a portion of Grindpoint's great skateboarding selection

The G Train shutdown is a great opportunity to liven up your commute. Instead of walking or taking a shuttle, why not make your commute a little more fun by skateboarding? Grindpoint, a new skateboard shop on Nassau Avenue, has everything you need to get started from boards and safety equipment to clothing and accessories. Want a really special board? Grindpoint can build you one custom. Busted your favorite skateboard? Owner Simon Gabrys, a lifelong Greenpoint resident, can also help you with maintenance and does repairs.

If you’re just getting started, here are some of Grindpoint‘s options to inspire you:

1. Longboards
Longer than a typical skateboard, longboards are great for riding around town. They’re also fun if you’re interested in racing, and use similar skills found in surfing or snowboarding.

2. Cruisers
Cruisers are a common longboard shape that includes a kick-tail, higher trucks and softer wheels and a more cushioned ride, making turns easier and maneuvering more simple.

3. Shortboards
Small, easy to carry skateboards, designed to do tricks and jumps. Great for skateparks and street skating.


Have questions or wanna get some professional insight into which board is right for you? Don’t be shy, come to Grindpoint at 148 Nassau Avenue.

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  1. Hello, Emily
    It’s very nice to share with us some thoughts of skateboard. I’m also a skate lover, my little daughter love to ride skate. now i wanna buy a new skateboard for her.
    do you recommend for her a beautiful skateboard? what will be suited for her electric or normal board? I’m lill bit confuse.
    if you have any recommendation please don’t mind share with us.
    thank you so much.

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