Meet friends old and new at The Moonlight Mile on Franklin Street!

It’s fun to cheer a new local business on, so we thought we’d check in on Greenpoint’s whiskey and cocktail joint, The Moonlight Mile. Five months in, I found that the bar has grown to include even more of what makes it great– expert cocktails, carefully selected whiskey, music, and community.

The Moonlight Mile is a rare space in which the bar is not only responding to the customers needs, but works to include the customer in every aspect of their service and setting. The Moonlight Mile is centered around creating community and a space for neighbors to get to know each other. This is in part because the owners, Garry and Rebecca Embry, are Greenpoint neighbors as well as business owners, and supporting the community is what drives their decisions. There are many ways to participate beyond drinking a great cocktail, whiskey or beer.

The Moonlight Mile highlights the talents of their patrons by including local bands in the music selection, customers’ favorite records on the turntable by request, and local painters and photographers on the walls. Futhermore, the jukebox is FREE, so there are plenty of opportunities to share your favorite tunes with the bar. They also produce their own syrups and juices and buy as much as they can locally, and their selection of 161 American whiskeys includes 24 that are produced in New York State.

It’s nice to know that the The Moonlight Mile has the welcoming vibe of an old neighborhood joint paired with high quality, thoughtfully produced beverages. In such a short time, seems like Moonlight Mile is already a neighborhood favorite.


Sponsored Post Courtesy of The Moonlight Mile.

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