Kosciuszko of the FUTURE

The new Koscuiszko Bridge renderings have been released and they look pretty goddamn sleek. For a cool $770 million, they very well should.  Meanwhile there’s some concern about crossing the current bridge, which has been deemed “structurally unsound,” with a lifespan of only 3 more years.

In foodie news, a new crepe shop just opened on Manhattan Ave. The owner chose Greenpoint because, in his words: “They were asking me to pay $25,000 a month to rent a space in Williamsburg,” said Grzedzica. “You’d have to make cocaine in your basement to afford that kind of rent.”

Maybe that’s what the folks at Littleneck are doing to fund their new outpost at 128 Franklin… lobster rolls are almost as expensive (if not more so?) than crack/cocaine.

And the new restaurants keep on comin.’ Pasar Malam, a new Malasian “night market-inspired” restaurant is opening at 208 Grand Street, adding one more cuisine variety to North Brooklyn.

And in other edible content, the Daily News has some mouthwatering local breakfast recommendations.


Are you passionate about toxic hot spots? Then we have just the internship for you.

And if you feel like being intimidated, here’s what the ladies employed by VICE wear to work on an average weekday. On the other end of the North Brooklyn spectrum, here’s a first hand account of what it’s like to live in Hasidic Williamsburg and leave the sect.

A firefighter was killed by thermal burns and smoke at a Williamsburg apartment.  Investigations revealed that the fire was started by an air conditioner cord.

Greenpoint filmmaker, Scott Elliot is making a documentary about the architectural landscapers and engineers who designed the tree landscape for the the 9/11 memorial, appropriately titled “The Trees.”

On the topic of films, lucky for you (and me) Nitehawk is hosting free movie nights at 50 Kent, starting wtih O, Brother Where Art Though? on 7/20.

Is that Summer heat getting you down? Maybe you need some illustrated advice on how to stop your dog from eating street chicken bones. Or if you’re in a more musical spirit, check out the lineup for Ridgewood’s Out in the Street’s fest.

And have you ever thought about  songs that reference Greenpoint? Free Williamsburg has the low down, but Beach Fossil’s Calyer (suggested in the comments) is my personal fav. HAPPY SUMMER!

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  1. If outpost is here because they forced to over pricing not because they want to be a part of our tight knit community then F them. The are just driving up our prices.

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