Barn for Furry Friends (BFF) on Driggs Avenue provides self-service grooming and top-rated healthy and delicious treats and food for your favorite pet. Their unique do-it-yourself dog wash facility, featuring groomer quality tubs, BioGroom and Nootie products, towels, brushes, and high-velocity dryers, take the hassle out of washing your dog and puts fun quality time with your pet back into it. It’s about having a convenient and fun experience that will leave you looking forward to your next visit.

At BFF’s Grand Opening this Friday, you’ll find:

-Caricatures by a local artist of you and your pet
-Platters catered by Greenpoint Cheese and Meats
-Wine from Vine Box and other refreshments
-Treat and Pet Food Samples from Rams Dog Food,Blue Buffalo, Merrick and Zukes

The party continues Saturday & Sunday with fundraising for Badass Brooklyn Animal Rescue.

Owner Anna Rogalska had the idea for BFF when she experienced DIY Dog Washes in Colorado, where the aftermath of a muddy hike or romp in the wilderness created some seriously messy situations. When Anna and Ella, her 7 year old Dalmatian, came back to Brooklyn, they found the city grime just as unpleasant and Ella’s bath created a disastrously dirty apartment on top of it all. The combination of water with shedding hair and muddy paws makes for a horrendous household clean up. BFF aims to make all of it easier and less stressful.

Regular bathing not only makes your pet more pleasant, it also plays an important role in the health of your pet and can contribute to longer healthier lives. It helps to keep the skin and coat clean and free of dirt and parasites, and let you have a chance to notice any abnormalities in your pets body, such as sores, growths or bald spots and insure earlier detection.


Additionally, you can buy healthy food and treats at BFF with the money you save on grooming! They carry brands like Orijen, Acana, Natures Variety, Primal, Stella & Chewys, Green Bark, Dogswell, Hare of the Dog, Cloudstar, Zukes and others.

In addition to the benefits to your pet you get to snuggle next to a fresh, clean, healthy and confident bff.

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